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thletic Soldier was founded by Korey Miller in 2014. Athletic Soldier is a faith based company serving the sports community, helping the youth acheive academic and sport performance. Athletic Soldier was created after a football injury to Korey's back, so he decided to give back to the community. 

Korey coaches, with the South Baton Rouge Jags and works with varius organizations, including, the Southern Regional Youth Football Championship, and the Southern Regional Youth Hall-Of-Fame. 

The Gorilla Warfare concept, was created, six years ago, at the South Baton Rouge Jags practice. This was the mental toughness concept that was created for the defensive players. The toughness of the Gorilla is that the Gorilla does not stop. We wanted to have the Gorilla Warfare concept for the youth to prepare them for life. Where most of our kids have had to face many tough challenges. 

Korey wants to build, Athletic Soldier, into a major sports apparel company, but with a faith driven purpose. He believes that God has given him the opportuntiy to help our youth in these challenging times. 


Korey  S. Miller, Founder/CEO Athletic Soldier/ Gorilla Warfare Architect Sport Science

About Us


outhern Regional Gulf Coast Youth Football Hall-Of-Fame, is the first youth Hall-Of-Fame of its kind.  Korey started the Southern Regional Gulf Coast Football Youth Hall-Of-Fame, to recognize coaches, players, trainers, and media for all the work that they do to help our youth succeed. The Southern Regional Gulf Coast Football Hall-Of-Fame, is located in Baton Rouge, La. 

Korey believes that, Football is not just a lifestyle, but a way up to greatness. He is known, as the architect of Gorilla Warfare, and Gorilla Warfare Architect Sports Science.


Because our business model is based on placing the customers first, we will offer organizations the ability to outfit their athletes with fully custom designed apparel minus the designer prices.  As an online based brand, Gorilla Warfare Architect Sports Science, will give organizations an online outlet with the option of selecting from the latest fashion trends, (in-stock designs) or providing their own design for customization.  All items will be manufactured at time of order finalization.

  • Free design consultation with our uniform designers.
  • Select any one of our stock styles or design your own.
  • Customize our stock styles with logos, colors, and font style.
  • Unlimited designs elements, logos and colors.
  • Create the exact uniform you want; we have our own apparel design department.
  • Submit your own design or send inspiration of what you are looking for in a uniform design to go fully custom.
  • Numbers, names and logos that won’t peel, crack, fade or come out in the wash.
  • Premium crafted uniforms tailored to suit your requirements.
  • Affordable uniforms that don’t sacrifice in quality and appearance.
  • Initial Design Orders: 10 items minimum with no limit fill-ins after initial order.
  • 3 to 4-week turnaround time.
  • No hidden fees or charges.
  • 50% Due at time of order.
  • Make your team look great!

orilla Warfare Architect Sport Science is a custom team uniforms & apparel brand.  Built on providing quality custom team uniforms & apparel at a reasonable price for all sized organizations.  One of the biggest impacts to a sport program’s budget is uniforms.  Understanding the key challenges faced by sport programs, Gorilla Warfare Architect Sport Science Apparel will allow organizations to obtain quality gear that works within a volunteer program’s budget.  Affordable uniforms and apparel that does not sacrifice in quality and appearance.

"The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat." -Wide World of Sports Empire

Gorilla Warfare is the Mental Toughness of the Athletic Soldier

"Architech Sports Science, is just fields of competition are great laboratories of Spatial invention, at its highest Dimension." -Korey S. Miller


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